What is Nordic Sustainability Trade Organization?

NSTO is a modern trade organization built on demand driven trade rather than traditional supply driven exchange between countries. 

We are an umbrella organization for trade promoters. We promote free trade, support import of Swedish goods and services from abroad, and promote a trade friendly regulatory environment for international companies in Sweden. Our focus is primarily on what other countries need from Sweden rather than what Sweden can sell to other countries. In that sense, we complement other organizations, focusing more on export promotion.

Partners can express their interests and contribute with their expertise in the different focus sectors which is a structure for SME focused support for increased international trade, innovation and investments in certain regions and countries based on demand and with a clear focus on sustainable businesses and realted ideas.

Within our sectors canalize this intrest and efforts while offering a range of activities aimed at different markets, depending on need and focuses. NSTO is a flexible organization, where we target different markets depending on the need we have identified together with others.

Nordic Sustainability Trade Organizatrion (NSTO)

An initiative to increase trade and deepen relationships between Sweden and the rest of the world, especially in regions where Sweden traditionally is not financially present or has little economic exchange.