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Office & Executive Branch of NSTO and ESBC

Christian Holm Barenfeld
Christian Holm Barenfeld
+46-70-621 08 21
Erik A. O. Engström
Erik A.O. Engström
Managing Director
+46-70-449 60 10
Sebastian Navab
Sebastian Navab
Secretary General
+46-70-323 04 71
Sven Otto Littorin
Sven Otto Littorin
Trade Commissioner of Emirati Swedish BC in UAE
+971 50 504 7417
Bassam Khalifa
Bassam Khalifa
Trade Commissioner of Emirati Swedish BC in Sweden
+46-73-893 41 01

Advisory Board of the Nordic Sustainability Trade Organization

The advisory part of the organization constitutes individuals representing different interest and partner of NSTO, together they form the Advisory Board of NSTO which is chaired by Sven Otto Littorin.

  • Sven Otto Littorin - Entrepreneur, fmr Minister for Employment
  • Sebastian Navab - Fmr Secr. Gen. Gröna Städer, fmr Press Officer at the PM’s Office
  • Ewa Björling - Fmr Minister of Trade
  • Lars Eriksson - Secretary General, Gröna Städer
  • Ingemar Fredriksson - CEO Inclusion Services, UAE
  • Charlotte Kalin -  Make Trade / Sweden on the Go
  • Bassam Khalifa - Media and Economic Analyst, UAE Embassy, Stockholm
  • Pär Larshans - Head of Sustainability, Ragn-Sells
  • Jan Lundin - CEO, Swedish Tourism Innovation Center
  • Maud Olofsson - Fmr Deputy Prime Minister, fmr Minister for Industry
  • Leif Zetterberg - Fmr State Secretary, fmr CEO LRF
  • Björn Östlund - Chairman, Gröna Städer, and International Director, ÅF
  • Tommy Ohlström - Chairman, Kooperativa Förbundet / The Swedish Cooperative Union

Nordic Sustainability 
Trade Organization

c/o The Labyrinth 
Drottninggatan 92-94
SE-111 36 Stockholm, 

+46 8 50 90 70 70

The Emirati Swedish Business Council had the same adress as above as it is located in the facilities of the Nordic Sustainability Trade Organization.